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Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach has approximately 10 acres (4.0 ha) of coquina rock outcrops frequently exposed along the low-tide line of the city’s ocean beach. Satellite Beach 3The National Marine Fisheries Service has classified the rock as an Essential Fish Habitat-Habitat Area of Particular Concern. It is important to aquatic life and found only in a few locations along the Eastern seaboard.Satellite Beach 1

On the city’s ocean beach can be found fossil Atlantic ghost crabs, the remnants of a unique set of geological circumstances which preserved these creatures when they died in their burrows perhaps about 110,000 years ago.Satellite Beach 2

There are significant deposits of sand, marl, coquina and possibly phosphate within the city limits. There are no mining operations, as municipal zoning regulations prohibit mineral extraction. State licensing of mineral extraction activities on the coastal barrier island provides additional control of such activity. Finally, the cost of land within the city makes commercial extraction of minerals uneconomical.

City of Satellite Beach

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