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Titusville is the only place on the planet where rockets launch, sea turtles nest and soothing sunrises give way to inviting surf.  The contradiction of high-tech wonders of the space program and the natural beauty of the area places Titusville in a class by itself.  TitusvillesignTitusville is the neighbor to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore.

Florida’s Space Coast entices vacationers of all ages with activities including viewing rocket launches, surfing, bird watching, year-round golf, fantastic fresh and saltwater fishingand thrilling airboat rides.

This nostalgic area offers shops of all sorts including arts and crafts, clothing, vintage and consignment, flower and specialty gift shoppes.  You’ll also find a nearby riverside park as well as numerous stellar restaurants.

Within one mile of downtown is the Titusville Municipal Marina with a ships store and large seawall for viewing manatee and other exotic marine life.

Titusville was founded in 1867 when Confederate Col. titusvilleshotHenry Theodore Titus stepped ashore on the banks of the Indian River, although the first U. S. Post Office in the area was established in 1859 in what was then known as Sand Point. Col. Titus came to Sand Point with the idea of building a town on land owned by his wife Mary, and overlooking the Indian River where they had first stepped ashore, they built the first hotel and named it “The Titus House”. The Colonel and Mary donated land for the first courthouse, four churches, laid out many of the town’s streets, and established a link to the outside world by connecting the St. Johns and Indian Rivers with mule-drawn wagons.

Today’s “Titusville” might have been known as “Riceville” except for the craftiness of Col. Titus who won a challenge match of dominoes against Capt. Clark Rice to determine which player got to rename the town. Thus the outcome of a domino game resulted in Sand Point becoming Titusville, Florida in 1873.

Take a little further look into what Titusville has to offer and you’ll soon find reasons to make your vacation stay a little longer.

City of Titusville

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